Utilitarian Items

Vintage Graniteware Enamel Ladle and Straining Ladle
Product ID : 1429
Vintage Kitchen
Vintage Souvenir Spoons With Display Case 37 Spoons
Product ID : 1392
Full Display Case!
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Product has been sold.
Rusty Kitchen Scale Old Kentucky Home
Product ID : 1389
Nice Rustic Scale!
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Vintage Scoop Level 1/4 Cup Made In United States of America
Product ID : 1355
Great For The Vintage Kitchen!
Vintage Metal Drinking Glass Carrier Shabby Caddy
Product ID : 1319
Great Shabby Look!
Item Sold
Vintage Androck Grilling Stainless Steel Spatula and Fork
Product ID : 1244
Very Good Condition!
Vintage Grey Enamelware Serving Spoon Extra Agate
Product ID : 1241
Nice Old Spoon!
Product has been sold.
Vintage Tin Pudding Mold West Germany
Product ID : 1201
Swirled Bottom
Vintage Demitasse Spoons Joseph Rodgers & Sons Sheffield With Box
Product ID : 1182
Cutlers To His Majesty
Vintage Milk Glass Sunkist Reamer Juicer
Product ID : 1141
Patent Pending
Vintage Food Cover Perforated Metal
Product ID : 1135
Possible Late 1800's
Vintage Bakelite Butterscotch Flatware Set
Product ID : 1011
Nice Bakelite!
Vintage Bakelite Green Flatware Set
Product ID : 1010
Nice Vintage Set!
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Product has been sold.
Vintage Bakelite Maroon Flatware Set
Product ID : 1009
Nice Vintage Set!
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Vintage Sifter Screen Pan Sieve Winnower
Product ID : 928
Very Nice Display Piece
Vintage Grain Flour Sieve Sifter Perforated Tin Pan
Product ID : 927
Perfect For The Primitive Kitchen
Vintage Tin Milk Strainer
Product ID : 926
Great For Wall Decor
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Product has been sold.
Vintage Pyrex Glass Funnel Handcraft Novelty Co
Product ID : 896
Vintage Pyrex Glassware
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