Vintage Wooden Barn Toy Farm Animals Playset

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I love this set!  A nice old wooden toy barn with heavy paper farm animals and  wooden outbuildings.  The barn is painted to have shingles on the roof and windows and doors on the back and sides.  It has two sliding doors on the front.  There is a wooden chicken coop, with chickens painted in nesting boxes.  A pig pen, with pigs painted on the back wall, and a garage, with a nice old car painted on the back wall.  There are numerous paper animals from guinea fowl, dogs, horses, pigs, chickens, ducks, hay wagons, to cows.  The animals slide into small pieces of wood to make them stand up.  They are printed on both sides and have the name of the animal at the base. 

This is an older, I'm sure much loved set.  There is a water stain on the peak of one side of the roof.  The strip of wood at the base of the roof on the front is missing.  The left sliding door comes out of it's track.  The bottom of the right side has a small amount of warping, as is the area behind the loose sliding door, nothing serious.  I have taken a picture of the bottom, it is in good condition, one nail showing through the wood. There was a door for the opening on one end, I have 1/2 of that.  The outbuildings are in very good condition, some discoloration of the wood on the right inside wall of the garage.  Most of the animals are currently in the wood bases.  They do come out, but over the years the paper has expanded and they don't slide in as easy as I'm sure they used to. 

All of that said, this is a very nice set, in researching, I have only seen one other set online.

The barn is approx. 9 inches tall at the peak of the roof, 12 1/2 inches wide (from wall to wall), and 7 1/4 inches deep. The garage is 3 3/4 inches tall in the front, and 5 inches wide.