Things Worth Knowing -From The Late 1800's

Household Hints from 1890

Buttermilk will take out mildew stains.

Bottles are easily cleaned with hot water and fine coals.

A pallet-knife should be used to scrape pots and kettles.

Old napkins and old table-cloths make the very best of glass-cloths.

Zinc is best cleaned with hot soapy water, then polished with kerosene.

It is well to keep large pieces of charcoal in damp corners and in dark places.

If the hands are rubbed on a stick of celery after peeling onions, the smell will be entirely removed.

If a cucumber is cut into strips and the pieces put into places where ants are found, it will surely drive them away.


Notices of New Books

Bella's Blue-Book: The Journal of an Ugly Woman. By W. Heimburg, translated by Mrs. J.W. Davis.  An exceedingly quaint and original story, both in conception and treatment.  The heroine tells her own tale in a very graphic fashion, and finds a hero worthy of her loftiest ideal.  The paper and binding are excellent, the illustrations spirited, and the translation so well done that it is difficult to realize that the tale was not originally written in English.

Worth the Wooing, by Lady Gladys Hamilton.  This is an exceptionally bright and clever story, written too in the authoress's happiest vein.  Nothing could be more appropriate reading for the season, and its production adds another gem to the publisher's admirable list of twentyfive cent books.

How To Choose Meat, Poultry, and Fish

Woodpeckers and Snipes -when old, have the feet thick and hard; when these are soft and tender, they are both young and recently killed.  When their bills become moist and their throats muddy, they have been too long killed.

Lobsters -recently caught have always some muscular action in the claws, which may be excited by pressing the eye with the finger.  When this cannot be produced, the lobster must have been kept too long.  When boiled, the tail preserves its elasticity if fresh, but loses it as soon as it becomes stale.

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