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Celery Vase  - I haven't found any of these yet, actually, I may have seen many but didn't know what they were.  It seems that in the late 1800's celery was put out on the table to be available as a snack, all day.  The celery vase is straight sided, may have a pedestal or not.  The vase would be filled with water and celery sticks added, the water would keep the celery fresh throughout the day.

Spooner - Another look for item.  It seems that there weren't always enough spoons to be set at each place setting, so spoons were kept in a "spooner"  and placed with reach.  This was stopped around the turn of the twentieth century.  I have a children's set currently for sale, I didn't know what the third piece was in the set.  In my research I found that it was a spooner.

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