Interesting Sites on the Web

Some interesting places I have visited, you might enjoy as well!

t   A very informative site on Early American Pattern Glass, they also have some wonderful items for sale! A great site with lots of information!  Lot's of great info. on antiques and collecting.  A great wealth of information on old bottles, he has some wonderful books on bottles as well.  A great calendar for your desktop, day planner, pop up reminders, I use it and love it!  My oldest son lives in Alaska, they have a lot of earthquakes, this site lets me keep an eye on the action.  A great blog to help you with your photos and help with Photoshop Elements.  Some very nice digital scrapbooking.  Public image archive, some really amazing photos, free!  Another really nice digital scrapbooking site.  I really love browsing through their shop, so many interesting items!  Wonderful site, lots of information on antiques, and many antiques for sale.  The Magazine Antiques.  One of my favorite programs, American Pickers on the History Channel, I guess I could consider myself a "picker"!  I must admit, I love watching the Ghost Hunters, another of my favorite programs.   Lots of valuable antique information, terms, marks, and more.

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