Railroad, Clocks, Keys, and More

Vintage Edison Diamond Grease Amber Jar
Product ID : 1427
Nice Jar!
Vintage Brass Lamp Finials Acorn Pineapple Pair
Product ID : 1420
Item Sold
Product has been sold.
Vintage Lamp Finials Acorn Pineapples Pair
Product ID : 1419
Nice Pair!
Vintage Lamp Finial Turban or Top Shaped
Product ID : 1418
Looks Like A Spinning Top!
Antique Fender Light Glass Jewels Red White 1921
Product ID : 1417
Torpedo Shaped!
Vintage Glass Faceted Lamp Finial Clear
Product ID : 1411
Very nice!
Vintage Brass and Metal Furniture Castors
Product ID : 1408
Great For An Art Project!
Vintage Metal Furniture Castors
Product ID : 1407
Large Heavy Castors
Vintage Metal Money Document Box Black Gold Red Key
Product ID : 1401
Paint in Good Condition
Rusty Kitchen Scale Old Kentucky Home
Product ID : 1389
Nice Rustic Scale!
Vintage Scissors Three Pair Hammered Equity and Wiss
Product ID : 1383
Rustic Old Scissors!
Vintage Glass Door Knobs Set of Two 12 Point
Product ID : 1382
Beautiful Clear Glass!
Vintage Glass Door Knob Set Two Knobs 12 Point
Product ID : 1380
Nice Clear Knobs!
Vintage Film Canister and Reel Green Metal 8mm Osco Drug
Product ID : 1372
Nice Wall Art!
Vintage Film Canister and Reel Grey Metal Compco 8mm
Product ID : 1371
Great For Wall D├ęcor!
Premier Carbide Lamp Miners Head Lantern Leeds England
Product ID : 1366
Premier Lamp & Eng Co.
Antique Skeleton Key Large
Product ID : 1342
Large Rusty Key
Vintage Paper Egg Carton Chickens One Dozen
Product ID : 1334
Nice For Display!