Very Collectible, Let's Bring The Handkerchief Back!

Vintage Quilted Storage Box Handkerchiefs Closet Pink
Product ID : 1433
Vintage Storage!
Vintage Perry Ellis Paisley Silk Scarf Signed Red Blue
Product ID : 1360
Bright Colors!
Vintage Scarf Tablecloth Large Colorful Flowers Red Pink White
Product ID : 1358
Polka Dot Border
Vintage Scarf Compagnie Internationale Express Coat of Arms Medals
Product ID : 1119
Dark Green Border
Vintage Scarf Large Clock Roman Numerals Compass Red
Product ID : 1118
Red and Gold
Vintage Delta Airlines Uniform Scarf 1975-1978
Product ID : 1117
City Listings
Item Sold
Product has been sold.
Vintage Handkerchief Floral Tan Black White
Product ID : 863
Hand Rolled Edges, Large
Vintage Handkerchief Green Border With Flowers
Product ID : 862
Colorful Fall Flowers
Vintage Handkerchief White With Blue Embroidery B Monogram And Applique
Product ID : 861
B Monogram With Appliqued Flowers
Vintage Handkerchief Grey Floral
Product ID : 860
Grey White Flowers
Vintage Handkerchief Large Pink Flowers
Product ID : 858
Hand Rolled Edges
Vintage Handkerchiefs Three White With Embroidery
Product ID : 857
White With Embroidery And Drawnwork
Vintage Handkerchief Drawnwork Embroidery Pale Blue White
Product ID : 856
Delicate Embroidery and Drawnwork
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Product has been sold.
Vintage Handkerchief Art Nouveau Red Green Black
Product ID : 855
Vintage Art Nouveau
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Product has been sold.
Vintage White Handkerchiefs Three With Embroidered Flowers
Product ID : 854
Shiny White Embroidery
Vintage Handkerchiefs Three White Embroidered, Applique, Drawnwork And Cutwork
Product ID : 853
White Detailed Handkerchiefs
Vintage Handkerchiefs Two With Embroidered Flowers
Product ID : 852
Purple Yellow Pansies Sm. Pink Flowers
Vintage Handkerchief Round Black With Floral Border
Product ID : 851
Vintage Round Handkerchief
Beautiful floral, colorful, or embroidered detail!