Very Collectible, Let's Bring The Handkerchief Back!

Vintage Handkerchief Floral Tan Black White
Hand Rolled Edges, Large
Vintage Handkerchief Green Border With Flowers
Colorful Fall Flowers
Vintage Handkerchief White With Blue Embroidery B Monogram And Applique
B Monogram With Appliqued Flowers
Vintage Handkerchief Grey Floral
Grey White Flowers
Vintage Handkerchief Large Pink Flowers
Hand Rolled Edges
Vintage Handkerchiefs Three White With Embroidery
White With Embroidery And Drawnwork
Vintage Handkerchief Drawnwork Embroidery Pale Blue White
Delicate Embroidery and Drawnwork
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Vintage Handkerchief Art Nouveau Red Green Black
Vintage Art Nouveau
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Vintage Handkerchiefs Two With Embroidered Flowers
Purple Yellow Pansies Sm. Pink Flowers
Vintage Handkerchief Round Black With Floral Border
Vintage Round Handkerchief
Beautiful floral, colorful, or embroidered detail!