Antique Greentown Dolphin Chocolate Slag Mustard Server

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A lovely find, an antique Greentown chocolate slag Dolphin, mustard server.  I would love to be sitting at a table where this item was used to serve anything!  It is missing its lid, but it is still a wonderful piece of history.  The lid would have a small fish sitting on top of it.  This fish has a large mouth, with sawtooth points on each side, fins holding it up and a curved tail, made with glass in the color of chocolate slag.  It was made between the years 1894 - 1903.

There have been reproductions made of this design.  I believe this to be an original made by the Indiana Tumbler and Goblet Co., of Greentown Ind. They were only in business from 1894 to 1903.  The original dolphin has 10 sawtooth "teeth" on each side, as this one does.  The original dolphin has a deep cavity as opposed to a smaller cavity, as this one does.  I found this page to be very informative if you would like more information

This dolphin is in very good condition.  The edges of the glass are sharp, instead of smooth, this has caused some light chips around the mouth.  Several of the teeth on one side have light chipping, on the other, one tooth has the peak chipped.  There are approximately two small chips on each front fin.

If you have any questions please contact me.

This dolphin stands 3 1/4 inches tall, and 7 inches long.