Compote is the name given to various pieces of tableware.  It is also the name of a dessert from 17th century England, made up of fruit in a sugar syrup.  In tableware it is a bowl of glass, metal, or porcelain, most likely with a stemmed base.  It is used to serve fruits, nuts, or sweets.  A jelly compote is a smaller sized compote, used to serve jellies or chutneys.

Pablo Picasso painted Still Life with Compote and Glass in 1914-15.

On the left a small Moon and Stars jelly compote, no lid.  In the middle a wonderful green Moon and Stars compote with lid (currently for sale).  On the right, I wanted a compote for making banana pudding, I found this great compote at a yard sale, I love it!

The small jelly compote is approx. 3 3/4 inches tall, my compote is 8 inches tall.

compotemoon and stars compotecompote



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