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This dress is from an 1890 magazine.  It is an afternoon-gown of white nun's-veiling, striped with heliotrope and trimmed with folds of plain heliotrope surah; these folds cross slantwise the close fitting bodice and fall down the side of the demi-train.  The same effect may be produced by plaiting the striped material so as to display the dark stripes.  This gown, made in black and white striped silk, with the silver braid, would be very elegant, for either a visiting or reception toilette. 




1890 garments clothes dresses


This is a French tea-gown, of old pink cashmere or faille, set off with bands of Oriental embroidery or beaded-work.  The gown fits the figure closely and has a short train.  High puffed sleeves are optional.  Eight yards of double-fold cashmere will be required. 







1890 garment clothing


For a young girl of twelve to fourteen years, we have a stylish frock, of camel's hair, with a wide Scotch-plaid border.  The bodice is shirred to form a round yoke.  Wide waistband of the plaid, which ties at the back in long sash-ends.  Cuffs and collar of the plaid material.  Button the cuffs with small gilt buttons, also the back of the frock.

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