Vintage Collapsible Black Silk Top Hat -Opera Hat

Vintage Collapsible Black Silk Top Hat  -Opera Hat
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This is a very nice collapsible, black silk top hat.  I am not sure of the maker or age, it has no lining or label inside.  I do believe it has some age to it.  The outer hat is in very good condition, some light wear around the edge of the brim, the edge of the ribbon has worn, there is a very small worn spot on lower front where a sharp piece of metal has rubbed, two small scratches on the top.  The hat collapses very well, it will be shipped to you in its opened position. 

The Silk Top Hat was first developed around 1830. European gentlemen created a new look - a hat of the same shape of the tall beaver, but covered with shiny silk plush.  The Satin Collapsible Top Hat was known as the folding opera hat. Silk top hats reached such fantastic size and shapes in France that it became impossible to care for them in the checkrooms. A Paris hatter invented the folding opera hat (satin collapsible top hats) a hat built on folding springs and covered with lustrous silk fabric.

Never put away a collapsible top hat collapsed. This weakens the springs and wrinkles the fabric. Instead, open the hat and stand it on the crown. When collapsing the collapsible top hat, hold the top of the hat against the chest, grasp the side brims and press evenly. To open, hold upside down by the front brim and tap the edge of the back brim smartly against the palm of the other hand, letting the top shoot out.  Never leave the hat standing on the brim, as it will settle and lose its shape. Instead, turn it upside down and rest it on the crown. Keep the hat dusted off after wearing.

 I do not know the size of this hat, the circumference is approx. 22 1/2-3/4 inches.  Total height is 6 inches.