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Stark Nurseries 1939 Catalog Fruit Trees Shrubs Roses
Product ID : 1423
Excellent Condition!
Stark Brothers Nurseries Catalog 1937 Stark's Fruits Shrubs Roses
Product ID : 1422
Great Condition!
Atlas and Epitome of Human Histology and Microscopic Anatomy by Doctor Johannes Sobotta 1903
Product ID : 1416
Saunders' Medical Hand-Atlases
The Black Stallion Returns by Walter Farley 1945 with Jacket
Product ID : 1415
Illus. by Harold Eldridge
Vintage Miniature Dictionary Langenscheidt's Lilliput French English 1961
Product ID : 1377
French To English
Two Knocks For Death by Wallace Jackson 1935
Product ID : 1375
A Green Shield Mystery
Uncle Wiggily's Happy Days by Howard R. Garis Illustrated by Elmer Rache 1947
Product ID : 1374
Beautiful Illustrations!
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Mission Memories John Steven McGroarty Old Missions of California 1929
Product ID : 1373
Missions of California
2500 Maths Formulae The Pocket Professor 1984
Product ID : 1348
Miniature Book
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Old Holy Bible 1882 London Old and New Testaments Davis and Trebilcock Families
Product ID : 1341
Printed by Eyre and Spottiswoode
Light on Shadowed Paths by T.S. Arthur The Keystone Publishing Co.
Product ID : 1340
Believe to be First Edition
Vintage The Ball Blue Book Canning Preserving Edition V 1943
Product ID : 1339
Canning and Preserving Recipes
Standard Cut Out Quarterly Graded Sunday School Lessons Religious 1920
Product ID : 1335
The Standard Publishing Co.
The Little Lame Prince 1927 First Edition Miss Mulock
Product ID : 1328
Beautiful Illustrations!
Item Sold
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Cobwebs by H.G. Watres Stella of Lackawanna First Ed. 1886
Product ID : 1324
Scarce Book
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