Antique and Vintage Books

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The Revolt of the Angels Anatole France 1928
The Modern Library
A Book of Good Wishes Poetry and Pictures By Emily Barnard 1890's
Designed and Printed in England
Vintage Leather Book Cover Lion of St. Mark Italy
Made In Italy
The Mentor The Virgin Islands of the United States of America 1918
Department of Travel August 15, 1918
The Gardener by Rabindranath Tagore
Translated By The Author From The Original Bengali
Guy Mannering or The Astrologer by Sir Walter Scott
First Published In 1815
Tom Brown's School Days By Thomas Hughes
1915 Or Earlier
The Growing Child by Herman N. Bundesen 1927
Department of Health, Chicago
Gems Of Sacred Poetry Miniature Book The Religious Tract Society 1800's
Miniature Book Gems Of Sacred Poetry
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