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Federal Safety Razor Bakelite Handle
Open Comb Double Edge
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Vintage Art Craft Cat Eye Eyeglasses
Popular In The 50's
Chinese Shard Boxes Dragon and Goldfish Set
Lovely On Your Dresser!
Vintage Necklace 1960's Wood Beads Animals
1960's Hippies
Vintage Baby Shoes Wee Walkers Original Box
Wee Walkers for Wee Walkers
Antique Cuff Holder or Holdout Device The Derby
Patent Nov. 29, 1898
Vintage Beaded Clutch Walborg Belgium
Made In Belgium By Hand
Gillender Glass Shoe 1876 Etched M. Savage
Philadelphia Centennial 1876
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Villeroy and Boch Trio Trinket Pill Box
Bone China
Delavelle Of London Devon Violets Toilet Water
Delavelle's Devon Violets
Helena Rubinstein Valaze Depose Milk Glass Egyptian Motif
Milk Glass Jar
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Round Glass Perfume Bottle With Lines and Feet
Raised Lines On Body
Antique G.B. Kent Shoe Brush London
G.B. Kent Est. 1777 Great Britain