Vintage Floral Tin Metal Box Co. England Octagon
Flowers Trees Birds
Vintage Metal Money Document Box Black Gold Red Key
Paint in Good Condition
Vintage Candy Tin Chocolaad Carro's A. Driessen Holland
Made In Rotterdam Holland
Vintage Film Canister and Reel Grey Metal Compco 8mm
Great For Wall Décor!
Chocolate Mold Bunnies On Scooter Vormenfabriek 16106
In Very Good Condition!
Vintage Tin Pudding Mold West Germany
Swirled Bottom
Vintage Barricini Candy Tin Roses
Nice Display Tin!
Vintage Tobacco Tin Mayo's Cut Plug
Nice For Display!
WWI Military Mess Kit With Spoon 1918
Marked 1918
Vintage Food Cover Perforated Metal
Possible Late 1800's
Vintage Watercolor Tin Paint Box Ship England Page London
Made In England
Item Sold
Product has been sold.