Turkish Hamam Soap Case/Box -Antique, Tin Coated Copper

Turkish Hamam Soap Case/Box  -Antique, Tin Coated Copper
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A wonderful old soap case.  From what information I can find online, I believe it is Turkish, and tin coated copper.  I am not sure of the age, but in looking at the wear and condition, I would think very old.  It is most likely hand made, it is a decorative piece, raised areas and a type of etching.  This would be a beautiful addition to the bath. 

These cases were used at the hamam, or turkish baths.  They were usually a metal container, with a handle, and perforated on the bottom.  They were to hold the soap (holes in the bottom are for the water to drain), a coarse mitt, and webbing of the date-palm or other fibers for lathering.